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Get AI Ready with Beautifully Prepared Data

AI success starts with data readiness. With unstructured data posing the biggest challenge, EncompaaS automates your data preparation to ensure your enterprise is Gen-AI ready.

Unlock the power of data to fuel generative AI initiatives: safer, faster, and smarter.

Empower decision-making with advanced data preparation across structured and unstructured assets, anywhere in your enterprise.

Discover your data

EncompaaS automates the discovery of both structured and unstructured data across your enterprise. It seamlessly locates data in both on-premises and cloud-based repositories, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility from any source while allowing end-users to continue working in their preferred systems.

Extract rich metadata

EncompaaS enhances structured and unstructured data by automatically extracting enriched metadata, correlating information from various items, and presenting it within the context of your business to provide next-level insights.

Automated lifecycle management

EncompaaS automatically governs the lifecycle of sensitive information according to your enterprise's policies. This process occurs seamlessly in the background, and outcomes are easily accessible through interactive dashboards enabling swift identification of privacy risks within your enterprise.

Unparalleled data foundation

EncompaaS establishes a high quality data foundation, enabling swift progression from AI pilots to production, while minimising compliance, privacy, and operational risks stemming from undiscovered data. This facilitates the implementation of responsible AI deployments, fostering sustainable competitive advantages in real-world scenarios.

Upcoming webinars

The Importance of Data Preparation in the AI Era

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we delve into the critical role of data preparation in navigating the Generative AI landscape. With over half of executive leaders actively engaged in Gen-AI initiatives, it’s evident that this technology is shaping the future of businesses across industries. Discover how pristine data can propel your organisation into Gen-AI brilliance, ensuring success and positioning you at the forefront of innovation.

Hosted by:
Jesse Todd, Chief Executive Officer – EncompaaS
Jaimie Tilbrook, Chief Product Officer – EncompaaS
Alex Thompson, Technical Director, Oyster IMS

19 July 24

Responsible AI in Information Management

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence the potential for transformation is immense, but so are the potential risks without responsible practices. Join us for an engaging webinar as we delve into the core principles of responsible AI deployment and explore how intelligent information management strategies play a pivotal role in upholding these principles. Discover how organisations can navigate the ethical complexities of AI adoption and harness its transformative power while ensuring transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness.

Hosted by:
David Gould, Chief Customer Officer – EncompaaS
Shimron Shimla, Customer Enablement Lead – EncompaaS

16 August 24

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